Grand Tour

Well February 2024 turned out to be quite the month for events and exercise.

I did a couple of runs on the treadmill, a few outdoor walks up around Virginia Water, but mainly it was more time attached to the Schwinn and FulGaz, first with the completion of their “FulGaz Grand Tour” which started on January 1st.  21 stages in Italy, France and Spain over 6 weeks.

I completed that in mid-February finishing in 12th place overall in 1108 hrs, 27 mins having covered 487.94km.

We then went off for a weekend in Tenerife and La Gomera riding motorcycles with the Bike Shed and Canary Ride.

The following weekend I had planned my next mad event: to take part in the Death Ride Challenge running during February:

“The Death Ride, also known as the Tour of the California Alps, is the toughest ride on FulGaz. It covers 163 kilometres and 3992 metres of ascent, with six epic climbs over Monitor Pass, Ebbetts Pass, and Carson Pass.”

I did that in under 6½ hours, finishing the challenge in 5th place overall.  I’ve very chuffed with that!

Anyway, here are February’s stats:

February 2024 Stats

February 2024 Stats

Activities: 34 Distance: 594.25 kmTime: 30:50:26 Calories: 24,222

Turning to my weight, at the end of January I was 85.9kg, and at the end of February I weighed 84.4kg, so down 1.5kg, which I’m pleased with.

December continued back in the UK on the Schwinn and FulGaz who were now running a four week boot camp to prepare for their “FulGaz Grand Tour” which starts tomorrow on January 1st.

We had lots of Christmas dinners for work and pleasure and we were able to host all of the family over two days – Christmas Day and Boxing Day – with all the food and trimmings, so as usual I was expecting a lot of weight gain.

Here are December’s stats:

December 2023 Statistics

December 2023 Statistics

Activities: 26 Distance: 426.99 kmTime: 23:47:09 Calories: 18,856

Turning to my weight, at the end of November I was 85.5kg, and at the end of December I weighed 85.8kg, up 0.3kg, so maintaining a fairly constant weight whilst eating healthily and not drinking too much despite the Christmas entertaining.

Year on year, I’m down from 88.3kg, a loss of 2.5kg on the year.  During 2023 I’d managed to hit a low weight of 81.4kg back at the start of June. So onwards and hopefully downwards! Here’s to 2024!